Zenhusen is a harmonious building project in Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Stockholm. Built by Erik Wallin, aiming to bring even more balance to the neighborhood. With a subtle feeling of constant flow and direction filling the rooms, Zenhusen provides generosity both vertically and horizontally. The architectural concept is based on the power of two: a ying and yang kind of relationship. Both between indoor calm vs outdoor wilderness, but also industrial roughness versus soft elegance.


Using the keywords minimalism, elegance and industrialism, we started off in a meeting between the industrial and the refined when bring ing the design concept forward. The logo springs from a rectangular shape found in the exteriors. Symbolizing elegance and minimalism. We also chose to work with the industrial typeface DIN Next, as a clear counterpoint to the logotype.

Within the website we wanted to bring the subtle feeling of constant flow and direction that you find in the rooms of Zenhusen so that the user would get a good idea of what these houses really are like.



Client: Erik Wallin
Role: Lead Designer
Featured in The Brand Identity,
Awwwards “Special Mention”Sites we like,
Abduzeedos “Site of the week” and
HTML Awards “Best Website” .


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