Erik Wallin

The building firm Erik Wallin was founded in 1927 and has since then created functional and aesthetically pleasing houses to the people of Stockholm.
The company is owned by the third generation Wallin and focus on sustainable and human centered living.


The identity enhances the company’s personality of sustainable design, quality and dedication. The typeface used is called Metric and has its roots in West Berlin road signs. It’s also based on “constructed geometry”, a fact very suitable for the building firm Erik Wallin. In the making of the logotype I kept the two familiar Wallin-houses for recognition. I used the font Metric as base and tweaked some characteristics – such as the interior of the lower case a – to give the logotype its own, unique, vibe. Construction sites was used as the main inspiration of developing the color scheme – Helmets and scaffolding inspired a fresh orange and steel classic greys.


The website feature future, ongoing and archived projects in a well structured way, where users can browse or deep dive into any building objects they find interesting.


Client: Erik Wallin
Role: Lead Designer
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