Erik Wallin — Booklet & Postcards

Erik Wallin is a building company focusing on sustainable and human centered living. Since the start in 1927, they have created functional and aesthetically pleasing houses to the people of Stockholm. They aim to build new history with every house. And they always create houses that blend in well with – but also stand out from – the surrounding environment.


We decided to reflect the company’s way of working in a show-and-tell booklet. Presenting Erik Wallins house projects in a series of carefully selected photographs. Complemented with words just as carefully selected. Not only explaining the effort put in to make these beautiful houses end up the way they did. But also how Erik Wallin always keep the environment in mind when designing new projects.


We also captured the projects in a stack of graphically clean postcards. Easy to pass on and even easier to look at. To further demonstrate how Erik Wallin let both surrounding nature and neighbor buildings inspire their design. And to give potential new business partners a clear visual glimpse of exactly what to expect – or unexpect – when teaming up with Erik Wallin.



Client: Erik Wallin

Role: Lead Designer